CAPTAINS, a Baja Charters hang-out, is on Marina Palmira, facing directly on to the bay of La Paz. A sports bar for locals, yachties, and ex-pats. Super friendly, great drinks and food with killer sunsets.

On the Water

Captains’ Sunset Bar, is located on the esplanade of the beautiful Marina Palmira, on the bay of La Paz, Baja Sur California, Mexico, directly in front of Dock 5. Captains is a Baja Charters & Excursions business. Captains was originally conceived purely as a support services facility to provide high-quality food and drink to Baja Cat, www.BajaCat.com, a large and spacious sailing catamaran just a few steps from the Captains’ place. Captains also handles the food, drink, and ice provisioning for the even larger triple-deck classic cruising yacht Pacifica, www.BajaPacifica.com. Both yachts are Baja Charters’ vessels.

Once Captains was open and providing the same high-quality food and drink that Baja Charter’s nautical activities are famous for, other options presented themselves. For example, Baja Cat is out on the water almost daily providing 5-star private charters and excursions. However, most days of the week, this outstanding sailing catamaran is back safely in her berth by 3:00 PM. So, with Captains just steps away from Baja Cat, and the catamaran typically available in the late afternoon and early evening, this allowed for the launch of Captains’ Sunset Cruises. Let’s face it, there is no where else in the world that has more dramatic sunsets than La Paz, so this was a win-win.

The wonderful thing about Baja Cat’s ability to provide an outstanding Sunset Cruise, is when the guest count is greater than the catamaran can comfortably service, we simply switch to the larger cruising yacht, Pacifica. This allows Captains Sunset Cruises to guarantee space on board for an evening cruise, subject to sailing conditions, etc.

Come to Captains and enjoy the cheerful comradery. Enjoy a delicious snack, or a full lunch or complete dinner meal. We have a great menu at great prices. We have a full menu of food, drinks, bar food, and we have very cool T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and souvenirs. Come see us and join the party!

Sunset Cruise Options


Sunset Cruise on Catamaran


Sunset Cruise on Cruising Yacht

Sunset Cruise Booking

An All Inclusive 2-1/2 hour, PREMIUM, Sunset & Harbor Cruise, aboard Baja Cat, our spacious sailing catamaran. Our roomier, triple-deck yacht Pacifica, is available for larger parties. Both yachts are located at Marina Palmira, in front of Captains’ Marina Bar, facing Dock 5. Guests arrive to Captains to await the Sunset Charter departure. (Variable Departures)

-Free parking at the Marine Waterfront hotel
-Large, stable, sailing catamaran, or
-96-foot, triple-deck cruising yacht
-Incredible views cruising the shoreline
-Margaritas, rum punch, white wine
-Beer, soft drinks, and bottled water
-Tasty banquet food selection
-Space to relax, both inside and outside
-Private bathrooms
-Inside air conditioning
-Skilled and educated crew

$95.00 USD per person
plus tax

Tequila Tastings

About Us

Private Charters and Shared Tours

Baja Charters provides PREMIER Private Charters, and the top-rated Shared Tours in our area. Five-star rated we are NOT a typical tour company. We provide a private yacht experience with first class service and amenities. No one does it like we do for anything close to our prices.

Guests are able to visit beautiful, isolated locations that are experienced by only the fortunate few. We provide ALL INCLUSIVE cruising to remote coves and beaches in the Gulf of California, known outside the US as the Sea of Cortez. This area is famously known as the World’s Aquarium, dubbed so by the famous oceanographer Jacque Cousteau. According to Nature.Org, the inside Sea of Cortez is the second most biologically diverse marine environment on the planet. An intimate cruise features snorkeling with sea lions, an array of tropical fish over shallow tropical reefs, swimming with whale sharks in season, strolling remote beaches, exploring, paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba, etc.

Baja Charters provides quality chef-prepared meals on board with an open bar, served by a skilled and educated crew. A marine biologist is typically on board as hostess and snorkel leader. Everything is included: snorkel gear, wet suits, kayaks, and paddleboards, along with an assist boat for getting up close to sea life in its natural environment. Reef-friendly sunscreen, bottled water, beer, sodas, and a variety of snacks are all provided, along with private bathrooms, fresh towels, and private showers. Join us, for the Experience of a Lifetime.

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Baja Charters Office - La Paz
Captains Sunset Bar

Mexico Phones:
(52) 624-128-5666 (Spanish, English, German)

Captains Sunset Bar and Restaurant & Dock 5


Captains Sunset Bar

Located on Marina Palmira, directly in front of the yachts, a part of the Marine Waterfront Hotel

We are Baja Charters

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